Case Study

Strategic Planning & Research

Market Fever was engaged by Buggles to complete a strategic review of its organisation.

In 2013, Buggles operated 12 early learning and childcare centres in and around Perth, WA. The overall objective of the strategic business review was to identify key areas for organisational improvement in order to align Buggles core business capabilities with its business model to build a sustainable competitive advantage over the long term. This included identifying causes contributing to staff turnover, absenteeism and each Centre’s ability to maintain occupancy levels over 95% on a consistent basis.

Recommendations were made for improvements to provide consistent child care and early years education services to customers through engaged and motivated staff, committed to the “Buggles” delivery model, while maintaining an early years education focus.

Buggles has since been acquired by G8 Education and continues to be a successful business.

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