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Strategic & Business Planning

The single most important factor supporting outstanding business performance is taking time to consider leadership and complete integration of an organisation’s elements to ensure they are aligned with strategy delivery. Results from a continuous approach to strategic and business planning provide real-time insights to strategy delivery and allow for change along the way.

A clearly defined and actionable strategy defines the end picture, a practical direction, and a framework for allocating human and capital resources.

Our strategic and business planning services help develop and achieve long-term growth strategies. Our team has expertise in helping clients in Private Business, Government and Not-for-Profit environments address the key aspects of strategic planning as follows:

  • Market Research & Analysis. To highlight external environment trends and issues, industry and competitor considerations, stakeholder visions and key drivers to support sustainability of a business model.
  • Scenario Analysis. To identify a selection of strategy alternatives based on the market analysis
  • Opportunity Identification. To provide a choice of viable business opportunities for short and medium term growth and long-term transformation.
  • Internal Analysis. To find unique organisational capabilities and identify capability gaps, to confirm market focus and positioning and to define key performance parameters to drive results.
  • Strategy Development. To create future strategic direction encompassing market opportunities, internal capabilities and future financial performance.
  • Organisational Alignment. To put strategy into action and to provide a management and delivery framework for the process.