what we do

Export Market Development

Expanding your business into International Markets is a key part of growth strategy and a natural progression for many businesses.  To be successful you need to have a plan in place and ensure your business is capable of meeting the extra demand for resources, as well as committing to sustaining export activities as part of a long term strategy.

Our team has many years of experience in successful and practical export market development roles inside client organisations and in export market advisory roles with Australian Government organisations.

We can help you with:

  • Getting Prepared for Export. To review your organisational capabilities prior to market entry to ensure you have the leadership, culture, people, structure, systems and financial resources to succeed in the international environment. We can help you to move your business to a different level and be ready for the extra demand on resources and management time.
  • Business and Export Planning. To assist you with remaining focused on your growth objective and export marketing objectives.
  • Market Research. To pinpoint overseas markets showing the most potential.
  • Market Visit and Cultural Awareness Coaching. Assisting you with understanding cultural differences and how to get the most of your in-market visits and dealing long term with different cultures.
  • Export Marketing Strategy. To assist you to create awareness, build business development activities and deliver exposure in overseas markets to meet revenue objectives.
  • Funding Options.  We can advise you on the Australian Federal and State Government Assistance programs open to Australian Business.