Strategic Planning & Facilitation Services

Buggles is a Western Australian owned and operated family of childcare centres - located in convenient locations throughout Perth. The first centre opened in 2002, and since then Buggles have been growing to meet the needs of the community by opening centres in areas that show a strong demand for quality childcare and education.

Project Objective

In March 2013, Market Fever was engaged by Buggles to assist with a strategic business review of its organisation. The overall objective of the strategic business review was to identify key areas for organisational improvement in order to align Buggles’ core business capabilities with its business model to build a sustainable competitive advantage over the long term.

Project Scope

This particular project included: Developing and designing a review framework for Buggles and organising and managing the review stages. This involved understanding the organisation’s overarching goals and vision and developing a plan to make it a reality and assessing the organisation’s capabilities to successfully deliver its objectives. The process involved defining clear, measurable objectives and defining a roadmap to achieve them. Market Fever facilitated several meetings with the Board, external consultants and Senior Management Team during the process and after providing Buggles with a strategic business review report, Market Fever facilitated a strategic planning workshop with the Management Team to secure unity in understanding and commitment to strategic goals and initiatives.

Project Outcomes

Market Fever managed the strategic planning in collaboration with the Buggles Management Team and facilitated ongoing strategic meetings throughout the project. Market Fever provides ongoing strategic advice to Buggles on an ad hoc basis.

Client Name: Buggles
Client Location:
Perth and surroundings, Western Australia
Project Completion:
The strategic planning and facilitation services was commenced in March 2013 and culminated with a strategic planning workshop with the board and senior management team in the end of September 2013. Market Fever provides strategic planning and facilitation services to Buggles on an ongoing, ad hoc basis.