Spacer Track Solutions

Commercialisation Project

Spacer Track Solutions was founded in 2013 to bring a new product innovation to the market. The Spacer Track Solution product has been patented and a prototype of the product manufactured. The company is now in process of establishing itself in different markets, Australia and worldwide.

Project Objective

Market Fever was engaged by Spacer Track Solutions to assist in organising the assessment, testing and certification of the product with the goal of raising funds for product commercialisation.

Project Scope

This particular project included: Organising assessment of the product for testing purposes and meeting with industry representatives to get an idea of the industry‚Äôs perception and possible alternative use of the product. Market Fever also assisted Spacer Track Solutions with preparations for the capital raising process.

Client Name: Spacer Track Solutions
Client Location:
Perth, Western Australia
Project Completion:
This project commenced May 2013 and is still ongoing.