Diabetes WA

Media Habits of Adolescents - Research

Founded in 1965, Diabetes WA is the peak body and voice of diabetes in Western Australia. Their work focuses on minimising the impact of diabetes in Western Australia, which they strive to achieve by, amongst other initiatives, providing a range of support and education services.

Project Objective

Market Fever was engaged by Diabetes WA to undertake secondary market research to provide greater insight into the target market for the UCook program – an initiative established under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventative Health (NPAPH) Healthy Children to contribute to healthy development and prevention of chronic diseases in children and young people in Western Australia.

Project Scope

This particular project required Market Fever to research general characteristics and the media consumptions habits of young people in WA, aged 12 – 16 years old. Market Fever developed a report doing secondary research covering the media consumption habits of adolescents in Australia. The report included information on the target market ie. how and where they spend their time, their interests, what media they use, how and why, etc.

Project Outcomes

Market Fever provided a report summarising the media consumption habits of adolescents, from which we were able to indicate some recommendations to Diabetes WA about what media and strategies to implement when marketing the UCook program to the adolescents in WA.

Client Name: Diabetes WA
Client Location:
Perth, Western Australia
Project Completion:
The research project was undertaken and delivered within a month’s timeframe in spring 2013.