Sep 2012

Hello and welcome to the first official Market Fever blog!

You are amongst the first individuals to read our new blog on the Market Fever website.  This is a special occasion for us as our website wasn't designed to only provide you with information about ourselves in the hope that you'd take some form of action.  Of course it's absolutely fantastic if you do decide to take some action and call us as a result of reading about what we can offer!  However, with capabilities like this website has, we intended to make it more than a one-way communication zone.  Therefore, for much the same reason as we've created Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles (of which we highly recommend you interact with), we created our own interactive blog!  Our goal is for our blog to be interactive, topical and interesting so that we can all benefit from useful discussions and opinions.

Simply click on "Comment" (below to the right) to give your opinion or feedback on the blog topic of choice.  Easy as, and we'd love to hear from you!

So here goes!  Operating in the Western Australian business environment, we are experiencing mixed feelings amongst our clients about the economic environment. Heavily supported by the mining and resources boom of recent times, there are concerns that a slowdown is approaching.  Yet others believe is strong and continues to be our nations star performer.  What are your feelings?  What types of issues are you experiencing in your sectors and all things considered (mining & resources industry and beyond), where do you think the Australian economy is headed in 2013?  Comment away, those who dare!